Introducing ONNO

A new chapter in the narrative of high-end lingerie defining the intersection of luxury and allure. Set to debut in 2024, ONNO is for the discerning, those who appreciate elegance and demand quality without compromise. The brand is poised to offer beautifully crafted, elegant pieces of lingerie that are so much more than mere garments; they are expressions of sophistication, woven to make every woman feel her unique beauty and confidence.

Grounded in a legacy of successful global labels, with a lineage dating back to 1993, our brand owners are on a new mission to redefine intimate wear. ONNO continues this legacy, sourcing the finest European fabrics, stitch by stitch, and creating intricate patterns and refined silhouettes that echo the luxury of personal indulgence. Beyond luxury, and craftsmanship, ONNO cherishes the values of individuality, ethical sourcing, and inclusivity. Each piece we create embodies and honors the distinctive elegance and self-assurance that resides within every woman.

Our Commitment

ONNO speaks to the modern, discerning woman – she is confident, graceful, and embraces her individuality. She is not defined by age but by a mindset that prioritizes self-expression and quality in every facet of her life, including her intimate wardrobe

Our commitment to ethical sourcing reflects our respect for the world we live in, ensuring that our luxurious offerings are not just of the highest quality, but also crafted with conscience. In our pursuit of creating exquisitely crafted lingerie, we welcome and cater to all women, celebrating diversity and promoting an inclusive brand experience. We invite you to elevate your intimate wardrobe, and to embrace a journey of personal expression, one that combines the allure of design and the touch of artistry in each of our unique pieces.